Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scaffold Tissue Engineering in Regenerative Medicine

The November issue of Discover Magazine contained an article about new attempts to create implants that simulate connective tissue through scaffold tissue engineering.

Tendons are difficult to repair once severed due to the challenge of reconnecting them to bone. Surgical attempts to anchor the severed tendon to bone often fail because the materials are very different.

Stavros Thomopoulos and Younan Xia, biomedical engineers at Washington University in St. Louis, "are building synthetic interfaces that re-create the architecture of natural connective tissue in hopes of tricking the body to regrow the broken connection."

The scaffold made of microscopic nanofibers, is dense and bonelike on one end and pliable and tendonlike on the other, increasing the likelihood for a successful connection.

These new interfaces are an encouraging development in Orthopedic regenerative medicine.

Read Full article here.

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